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History of the Fair Family’s five generations in food service...

Some families can trace their genealogy back for more than twelve generations, they take pride in finding they are a direct descendant of a Revolutionary Patriot or their past is from a royal family line. In a family where there is a history of a trade being transferred from one generation to another, traditions and legacies are founded. For my family, this is also true. The Fair family history in food service is the oldest foundation along Philadelphia’s Main Line and surrounding area. Our years of experience has privileged us to cater to royalty, foreign heads of state and our own country’s political officials tracing back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

My grandfather’s grandfather, Henry, was butler to the prestigious Widener family. During the early 1900’s, there were many society events hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Widener, with invited delegates from around the world. Henry performed these successful events and became an integral part of the Estate’s operations.

The Manor House at Prophecy Creek Manor

My great-grandfather, Norman Fair, was Philadelphia’s premier caterer. His experience from the halls and dining rooms of the Copeland Estate in Delaware, afforded him a wealth of knowledge in hospitality. His reputation for fine food and service preceded him. My great-grandfather was requested to cater and perform many society events including service to Kings and Queens, past Presidents, many Hollywood celebrities and affluent personalities on their visits to Philadelphia. One of Norman Fair’s finest accolades was catering twenty-two consecutive years for the prestigious Philadelphia Antiques Show benefiting the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. 

The Manor House at Prophecy Creek ManorAppleford.jpg

Wishing you well with your event,

Peter E. Fair

The Manor House at Prophecy Creek Manor
The Manor House at Prophecy Creek Manor

My grandfather, Robert Fair, is a pioneer and an outstanding event site developer. He has designed, improved, and or expanded many of the event locations in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Professionals in our industry continue to request his expertise in design motivation or planning inspirations. His creation of our tenting division, Ballrooms Under Canvas, was a true vision. Robert Fair Caterers transitioned a private backyard into a memorable upscale tented event. His vision for the manor house transported the property from an initial thought to one of the most desired wedding venues sought by brides, grooms and their families. My grandfather enhanced the estate to pristine landscaped grounds, a gorgeous manor home, double terrace and illuminated ponds with waterfalls and fountains. Perspective clients enjoy site tours with “Pop Pop” as he shares his creation for their celebration. The Manor House at Prophecy Creek Park is truly his masterpiece and pièce de résistance.

My father, Kerry Fair has continued our tradition from the expertise and wisdom he personally received from all three of the above gentlemen. Learning from the best in the industry has given him the professional insight to perform at the highest level of excellence. My father’s passion and professionalism for our industry provided numerous opportunities throughout the last four decades. His lessons of continually developing relationships with clients and vendors will always be at the core of this business model.

I have the privilege in continuing our family’s legacy as the fifth generation in food service. In 2010 I graduated locally from Gwynedd-Mercy College (now University) with a B.S. in Business Management and Administration, with the mission to continue our family business. Pursuing my career with my family in this regard is a dream come true, after years of growing within this business. 

Over 110 years of legacy, spanning over five generations is something most companies hope to attain, especially with the competitive nature of our industry. I represent our heritage with pride and passion for each and every event. This is an industry which requires dedicated talent, amazing innovation, and a desire of perfection for your event. This unique design calls for consistent attention and dedication of our family and staff. We will continue in our legacy and partner with the best in the business to deliver your five-star event. Our ambition is for each guest to experience a once-in-a-lifetime affair here at The Manor House.

The Manor House at Prophecy Creek Manor
The Manor House at Prophecy Creek | Fairytale Experience
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